The term workover is used to refer to any kind of oil well intervention involving invasive techniques, such as wireline, coiled tubing or snubbing. More specifically though, it will refer to the expensive process of pulling and replacing a completion.

Workovers rank among the most complex, difficult and expensive types of wellwork. They are only performed if the completion of a well is terminally unsuitable for the job at hand. The production tubing may have become damaged due to operational factors like corrosion to the point where well integrity is threatened. Downhole components such as tubing, retrievable downhole safety valves, or electrical submersible pumps may have malfunctioned, needing replacement.

We provide team of professional workover operative by our broad network, we have crew for onshore as well as offshore workover job.

Currently we are managing Manpower for 50 Ton workover rig for our client in Gujarat, And in process of Increasing the numbers in various sections of India as well as abroad.