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Exploration and Production

South Asia Consultancy, primarily an Oil and Gas service provider, has diversified in the oil and gas Exploration and Production business to contribute to the energy security of our nation by exploring conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources through committed efforts ensuring safe and sustained growth, with the acquisition of South Patan Oil and Gas block through international competitive bidding in the Discovered Small Oil and Gas Field bidding round in 2016 by Government of India. With a portfolio of projects including several O&M of 6th generation Cyberbase control offshore rigs in Persian Gulf MENA region and many other countries, IWCF well control school in Ahmedabad etc. Oil & Gas vertical has proved itself as a strategic component of SAC’s philosophy of diversified growth.

Oil & Gas Blocks- South Patan

South Patan block has been awarded to SAC by Govt. of India during marginal field DSF-2016 round. South Patan block covers an area of 9.88 sq.km. The block was explored by ONGC in the year 1989. ONGC have drilled two wells during exploration phase named “SP-5” and “SP-7”. SP-5 was drilled in the year 1989 while SP-7 was in 1991 and both the wells have stuck oil. Thereafter the wells were temporarily abandoned.

South Patan Block is located in the South of Sanchor-Patan tectonic Block. Silt layer in the Cambay Shale was the main pay zone of these two wells. The actual age of the development of Hydrocarbon was Lower Eocene.

9.86 SKM 3D seismic survey data and 37.8 LKM 2D data proved the presence of Oil in the block. In both the wells potential hydrocarbon zone is encountered below 2000 m RKB.

Block Coordinates and Map