Exploration and Production

South Asia Consultancy first entered into the Oil & Gas business in 2012, when offered operation & maintenance services of drilling and workover rigs to Key Energy Since then, the oil & gas division has seen a steady growth with the most recent achievement being the acquisition of South Patan Oil and Gas block through international competitive bidding in the Discovered Small Field round in 2016. With a portfolio of projects including several O&M of 6th Generation cyber offshore rigs in Persian Gulf MENA region and many other countries, IWCF well control school in Ahmedabad etc. Oil & Gas vertical has proved itself as a strategic component of South Asia Consultancy’s philosophy of diversified growth. 

The Group has opted out for providing the drilling services to various E&P operator w.e.f approximately 2nd half of 2017 as strategic decision.

Oil & Gas Blocks

In the year of 2017, South Asia Consultancy participated in the DSF round of bidding for acquisition of Oil and Gas Blocks in India. South Asia Consultancy submitted their bid for Onshore South Patan field of Gujarat, India and came out of the bidding round successfully out the highest 19 no. of bidders. Signing of the Revenue Sharing Contracts with the Government of India for exploration of hydrocarbons in the South Patan block is expected in the month of March 2017.

South Patan Block is located in the South of Sanchor-Patan tectonic Block and covers an area of 9.88 Sq. Km. The Block is under development stage. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) was the previous operator of the block before the block came under DSF round of bidding. ONGC proved the discovery of the hydrocarbon from this South Patan block in the year of 1989.

Two wells have been drilled in this block and both wells have stuck oil. Silt layer in the Cambay Shale was the main pay zone of these two wells. As per ONGC report, the actual age of the development of Hydrocarbon was Lower Eocene. 9.86 SKM 3D seismic survey data and 37.8 LKM 2D data proved the presence of Oil in the block. The total depth of these two wells are of around 2000 m each from GL.